Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The Texatherm cleaning system is the best system for cleaning a broad range of commercial premises and is especially good at cleaning carpet tiles.

Cleaning carpet tiles traditionally can be very difficult as the lack of airflow leaves much of the dirt, oil, soil and grime behind. However, the Texatherm System combines chemical action with a heated cleaning pad to utilise capillary action to draw dirt and soil away from the carpet. The benefits of this system work equally well on many other kinds of carpets and commercial flooring. Offices surgeries, nurseries, schools, colleges, holiday lets, hotels and guest houses, pubs and restaurants are just a small handful of commercial premises that have benefited from the Texatherm system.

The Quick drying properties and low noise operation levels mean that disruption can be kept to a minimum and especially because the surface will be dry in approximately 30 minutes, considerably faster than virtually all of the other cleaning systems.

In addition the biocidal finish makes it suitable for any environment where hygiene is vital. The antistatic product properties are useful in areas where there are sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, present.

The products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

The benefits of regular Texatherm floor cleaning:

Greatly improves the appearance of the flooring, the furniture and upholstery, and thereby the premises.

Extends the longevity of the cleaned items, deferring costly replacement.

Interior air-quality can be significantly improved.

Removal of odours that can buildup overtime.

Odour extraction.

Removal of Pollens, dust mites and other allergens that build up overtime.

Dust removal to aid the environment where there is electrical equipment such as expensive computing machinery.

The speed of the Clean, the relative quietness of the machines and the super fast dry time mean that disruption to the business is kept to a minimum.

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