Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Using a system trusted to clean doctors surgeries, schools, dentists and hospitals our system has many benefits to a domestic customer.

The flexibility of our professional carpet cleaning system means we can tailor our approach to the specific requirements of a diverse group of situations. The vagaries of modern life and pressures on precious time mean that the important task of keeping your home as clean as you would like remains an ongoing challenge.

Having professional cleaners using the latest and most advanced equipment and solutions can greatly ease this challenge, and can help in a variety of domestic situations. Indeed our system is extremely flexible which means that we can tailor our approach to specific requirements specifically:

Carpet cleaning (including woolen carpets)
Hard floor cleaning
Sofas and upholstery

Suitable for:

Rejuvenating flooring carpets and the home, making it look and smell new again.

Giving a deep, thorough clean.

Spot stain removal.

Removal of dirt and soil that builds up over time.

Odour extraction.

Removal of Pollens, dust mites and other allergens that build up overtime.

There are anti bacterial solutions available.

We then leave the surfaces PH neutral and with an anti static coating. A product fully bio-degradable and friendly to our precious environment.

Suitable for a pre-Christmas clean spring or summer clean or simply an annual makeover we are guaranteed to make a massive difference.

The quality of the clean and the speed of the dry time mean that this is a popular solution for holiday homes and holiday lets.

Our Services


For all your carpets and rugs around the home.


Our system for cleaning a broad range of commercial premises flooring.

Stone & Wood

Find out more about rejuvenating stone, marble and wood flooring.

Upholstery and

For all your furniture and upholstery cleaning requirements.